Build an Inspired Space for Higher Learning

Build an Inspired Space for Higher Learning

Design the blueprints for your Mooresville, NC educational space

Children spend most of their waking hours in an educational facility. When they graduate and seek higher education in colleges and universities, they spent very little time outside of classrooms, libraries and other spaces created for them to focus on their studies. This creates a strong relationship between the student and the space in which they work. Mark Siemieniec Architect of Mooresville, NC designs educational facilities that inspire new ideas and elicit growth through architectural design.

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Cater to all levels of education

Whether you’re a pre-schooler learning the about the alphabet and friendship or a graduate student discovering the secrets of nature, you require a space that facilitates growth. We can design educational facilities such as:

  • Pre-schools
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and universities

Consult with Mark Siemieniec Architect to begin planning your educational space.